Planning A Mongolian Barbecue


Planning A Mongolian Barbecue

An always pleasing Asian treat, Mongolian Barbecue is an excellent dish that many can enjoy. A favorite among people all over Europe and North America, Mongolian barbecue presents itself as a great, exotic meal which was cooked by the traditional Mongolians for centuries.

mongolian-barbecueUnfortunately, the claimed heritage of the Mongolian barbecue is nothing more than fallacy and marketing strategy. You see, Mongolian barbecue was invented by a variety of different chefs in westernized countries as a way to try and entice potential customers with a representation that their food is unique and originally came from the Far East. While it is certainly fun to go to your favorite type of this barbecue restaurant and watch the chefs prepare the barbecued meal right in front of your eyes, neither the ingredients which they use or the style in which they prepare the food can be traced back to any time period in Mongolia. In fact, recent culinary studies have actually shown that most of the roots from Mongolian barbecue can instead be traced back to a variety of different Japanese techniques.


No matter where Mongolian barbecue actually originated from, one thig is for certain – the food is dynamite. While you can make your own dishes at your leisure, for some of the best and most well known Mongolian barbecue cuisine you will definitely want to visit a BD’s Barbeque restaurant at some point in your life.

With branches all over the world (including Mongolia), BD’s is one of the best Mongolian restaurants in the business and specializes in cooking a huge variety of different dishes in the “Mongolian” style. While they are definitely the largest of the companies that claim that all of their recipes come from traditional Mongolian cuisine, their great food and excellent service certainly outweigh any problems they may have with the truthfulness of their marketing campaign. If you are a true fan of this type of barbecue, you can even purchase your own BD’s franchise location anywhere in America.

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