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Hickory Smoked Hamburger Recipe. Very simple but tasty.
You should definitely try out this grilled chicken peri peri.
Watch this video to see some experiments on how to tenderising steak. Interesting!
A step by step short video on how to smoke meat with just a charcoal grill
There are few things more divine than a bite of perfectly grilled corn. Here’s how to get it right.
A very simple recipe of grilled filet mignon.
Basic tips on how to make that perfect burger…
Hold the salad. The BBQ Pit Boys grill up some 64 oz Rib Steaks and serve them with potatoes -all a good man needs. We’re eatin’ good tonight
On this video, Jamie Oliver shows you how to cook tasty and mouth-watering Mediterranean BBQ Lamb Chops.
Who says BBQ is an outdoor activity only? Watch this video for some BBQ recipes that you can cook with your home oven.

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