George Foreman Grill


George Foreman Grill

When it comes to shedding fat and building lean muscle, grilling your foods is one of the best ways to consume protein and flavor up nutritious vegetables, too! But grilling outdoors can be such a pain.

The George Foreman Grill is an indoor alternative that allows you to cook any meal, any time of the day without all the hassle. You simply plug the grill in, place your meat or vegetables or other foods on the grill, and close the lid until it’s done.

With a grill like this, you can cook up to four servings, so you’re not missing out on much of the space that a larger outdoor grill gives you. Plus, the foods cook fast. The current model has improved cooking speeds of 35% over the prior versions.


Meats cook in a mere ten minute timeframe – perfect for those hurrying out the door or coming home from work hungry, but not wanting to fill the void with empty calorie foods. And it can serve the entire family at once, too.

The grill comes will grill plates built into it that you can remove and wash separately, making it very convenient for clean up and re-use. This grill comes in a black color, but you can get white or red, too.

You can also get a larger grill that serves up to five people at once. Or, if you’d prefer to downsize and take up less space on your counter, you can get a two person serving as well.

The grill plates have a durable, nonstick surface. But even for the cleaning you do have to do, there are George Foreman grill sponges you can get that make cleanup even easier.


What makes the George Foreman Grill such a healthy alternative? Aside from the fact that you’re not breading and frying your meat cuts, the fat from your meat selection drains out – leaving you with the leanest option possible.

For those of you who have a big family and want to cook a variety of foods for a larger group of people, there’s another George Foreman Grill that serves up to eight people. This option also has variable temperature control, not just the “plug in and cook” option.

You can stay on a low carb or low calorie diet with ease using a George Foreman Grill, and the best way to do that is to choose lean, boneless cuts of thin meat and season it for taste.

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