Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a New BBQ

Shopping for a new BBQ Grill can be complicated. That’s why we made this section of our BBQ Grill FAQ series to show you mistakes to avoid that can cost you money, time, and possibly a summer of great grilling.

Here are the different mistakes:

Sizing your grill: If you’re not happy with the size of your grill you can alway upgrade. Make sure it’s big enough for your location and parties. There’s nothing worse than a long wait for a burger on July 4th.

Are there any limitations with delivery or placement of your grill? Some towns/cities/neighborhoods/developments limit the placement of bbq grills for safety and visual purposes. You definitely want to check with your landlord and local codes and bylaws to determine if and where you can place a grill on your property.

Make sure you get all the accessories you need. Of course, you might be a bit wary of your dealer upselling you but make sure you have the ability to smoke, grill fish, rotisserie, etc. if you want to do that because sometimes that requires extra parts. You want a grill that can grow with your growing skills.

If you’re getting a new grill make sure you know who’s going to deliver it and put it together. It may be more difficult than it seems.

Cheap grills are…cheap. If you pay very little for a grill that you expect to last a while you may be in for a bit of a surprise. Make sure you know how long they’re supposed to last. Outdoor grilling is a passion for many people and you’ll find very opinionated grillmasters on blogs and message boards – keep an eye out for what they’re endorsing.

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