Barbecue Rotisserie Smoker


Barbecue Rotisserie Smoker

barbecue-rotisserie-smokerMy parents never really taught me how to cook, and so when I moved out, I had to figure everything out on my own. I was a pretty quick study, all things considered, but even so I was kept to pretty basic things. I lived on stir fried meals and Ramen noodles for the first couple years, in fact! I certainly did not know more than a few ways to cook meat. I would either do it in a pan or in a skillet. I could make decent baked chicken, and pan frying meat is pretty easy, but I did not know anything very interesting to do with it. Then my friend Jason showed me his barbecue rotisserie smoker.

I had never seen rotisserie kits before, except in a commercial kitchen. As a matter of fact, I did not know that rotisserie BBQ was something that you could do on your own. Jason showed me what I had been missing out on. The rotisserie smoker chicken was not as good as the stuff I had had in restaurants – it was better. You see, when you rotisserie smoke meat at home, you can carefully control every aspect of the cooking. You can use just the right barbecue chips, keep everything at just the right temperature, and make sure that the meat is neither overcooked nor under done. You will know when you taste perfect rotisserie smoker chicken – there is nothing like it. And chicken was just the beginning.

meat-grill-rotisserieSoon, I was using the rotisserie smoker to cook anything and everything. Generally speaking, if it was meat and I couldn’t rotisserie BBQ it, I wasn’t eating it. In some ways, this was actually very good for my health. You see, using that rotisserie kit took a lot of time. I couldn’t just throw some chicken on the skillet with the vegetables anymore. I had to plan my meals – something which I rarely had the energy to do. As a result, I was eating much less meat. Soon, I was losing weight very quickly. My friends told me I looked better than I had in years. The funny thing is that none of them could figure it out. I would have them over and feed them delicious smoked chicken, pork, ribs, and other fatty delicacies. None of them had any idea how I could be losing weight while I was eating like that. I decided to let it remain a mystery.


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