Barbecue Grill


Barbecue Grill

barbecue-grillI have always loved cooking on barbecue grills. A lot of people think that a barbecue grill is easy, and it can be. Sometimes, all you have to do is get the coals going, throw on some neat, and enjoy the results. But like anything else, barbecue grilling can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. Just learning to get the temperature perfect, get good, even grill marks, and season the meat properly can be an art in and of itself. The bottom line is, you can take your barbecue grill as far as you want to.

Of course, the choice of barbecue grills will affect your outcome quite a bit. The most traditional way of doing it, of course, is with the charcoal grill. A charcoal barbecue grill offers a lot of advantages over other types. First of all, it is the most simple. There are no gas tanks, hoses or tubes. There is simply the grill, the metal frame that the meat rests on, and a tray under it to catch falling ash. It also gives you the most even, uniform cooking – that is, if you do it right. Of course, you have to give the coals plenty of time to ash over, make sure they are distributed evenly, and time the cooking well.

barbecue-party-grilled-foodIn some ways, a gas grill is much easier to use. With gas grills, all you have to do is light the gas and get to work. They allow you to cook outside and enjoy a barbecue ambiance without having to put up with the inconveniences of lighter fluid and waiting for the charcoal. All this comes at a price, however. The flavor will simply not be as good as on the charcoal barbecue grill. You will not get that smoky taste than everyone associates with barbecues.

Of course, you can take things in a really fancy direction and get a barbecue rotisserie grill. A rotisserie barbecue, when used right, can make unbelievably delicious food. Until you have had rotisserie chicken, you do not know what you are missing. It is completely out of this world. It is well seasoned, well flavored, and much more juicy than other kind of barbecued chicken. Using this style of barbecue grill does take a little bit of effort and timing, but it is well worth the work. The meal you prepare will be one of the best ones you have ever eaten.

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